#stillmarching #100years


I’m still marching so that ONE DAY ……..

…no woman feels she has to cower in fear whilst a man physically, mentally and emotionally abuses her and their children and she remains silenced by his voice and force.

…..Domestic, rape and sexual abuse  is tackled through changing culture in our society  and not have to be tackled through law courts

….all women have the ‘Right to choose’ and backstreet abortions by desperate women and subsequent fatalities are prevented

….all institutions, in every workplace, ensure they are paying more than lip service to the principles of equality and diversity and are held to account to  create pathways inspiring all to lead; ensuring fair representation and leadership for all minority groups.

……. the school curriculum, in every school, delivers robust lessons every year, which raise the profile and empower young women to be part of the change and engendered bias is recognised

….. a woman’s hormonal cycle…her period and menopause is not ridiculed, mocked, ignored and in some cultures seen as shameful

…….my daughter’s ‘big dreams’ will be reached and that she embraces her inner power to lead, change and empower and thinks beyond the stereotypical roles limiting young girls in our society

…. All young men are given great #Heforshe role models and my son will grow up to be one of them

I’m still marching……